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Introducing the ELFS

Last summer there was an exciting new farm stand at the Plymouth Farmer’s Market.  A group of kids from the Plymouth Area started up the Eco-Learning Farm Stand (ELFS). During the previous winter, they made crafts from recycled materials to sell at the stand. Last spring, they played in the mud and planted their gardens. Throughout the summer, they helped harvest organic vegetables and flowers and made healthy homemade snacks which they took turns selling at their farm stand. The ELFS crew expanded throughout the summer as more kids, including some CADY teens, joined in the effort led by a strong force of committed moms and dads.

The kid’s farm stand was much more successful than anyone anticipated. Each week, children were encouraged to stop by the stand to paint pictures that the ELFS would later turn into greeting cards to sell at the market. The Kid’s Eco-Learning Farm Stand became a gathering place for families who wanted their children to participate in something positive and fun at the Farmer’s Market. It also became a focal point for re-using and recycling materials in an effort to promote sustainability.

The ELFS mission is to provide a hands-on learning experience for kids promoting cooperation, compassion, wellness, and wonder while embracing sustainability through a connection with nature. At the end of the season, the ELFS fulfilled the compassionate part of their mission by donating their entire $500 profit to the Plymouth Community Closet Food Pantry. The kids were quite excited to give all of their proceeds to other kids or adults who might not be able to grow gardens and secure enough food to eat.

If you are interested in becoming a part of ELFS or would like more information, send email to ecolearningfarmstand at gmail.com, or find us at the market on Thursdays.

Let’s all grow together!


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